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We Have Deep Roots in the Canadian Cannabis Community.

Premium Green Organics Global (PGOG) is proud to produce only the highest quality medical cannabis and medical psilocybin mushrooms for patients across Canada.

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PGOG is currently in application for their micro-producer license for medical cannabis and medical psilocybin in Canada. 

Family-Owned and Operated

We are a family-owned cannabis cultivation and extraction company well-positioned to meet unmet medical market demands for 100% organic Cannaceuticals.

25+Years Cultivation Experience

The PGOG team has over 25 years of experience growing cannabis and psilocybin. Our co-founders have been running successful businesses in Alberta for decades.

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Fantastic Cultivars

We are consistently testing and improving our current cultivars and testing and evaluating new strains. Only the very best cannabis cultivars are added to our product collections.

Proudly Canadian

We are proud Canadians who take pride in the quality of cannabis they produce. Family-owed and operated, we believe in the Spirit of Canada.

Sustainably Grown

We continuously innovate small-batch, hand-trimmed, and sustainably grown methods to produce a superior product. Our strains have been selected and bred for their unique appearance, aroma, attributes, and effects. You won't find our strain menu anywhere else, and every crop is one of a kind..

Guaranteed Safe

Every batch PGOG produces is independently tested for mold, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, and foreign materials. Through our craft approach to cultivation and strict quality assurance protocols, we can ensure our customers receive only the highest quality cannabis. 3840x21601 scaled | Premium Green Organics Global
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grown In Small-Batches

PGOG is constructing our own custom-built grow nursery to produce only the very best medicinal cannabis and medicinal psilocybin.

Consistent Supply of Medicine

PGOG’s production schedule ensures patients across Canada have consistent access to their medicine. We take every measure available to guarantee the safety of our patients.

Flushed, Cured, and Trimmed by Hand

Every PGOG product has been properly flushed, air-cured, and trimmed by hand. Our mushrooms are picked at the exact moment to ensure potency.

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Medical Cannabis and Psilocybin

We joined the legal cannabis industry with a vision of creating pharmaceutical-grade, terpene-rich, cannabis and psilocybin medicines that are scientifically designed to achieve specific results for medical cannabis patients.

100% Artisanal Craft Cannabis

Every PGOG cultivar is lovingly nurtured in small batch growing rooms to ensure optimal conditions for every plant and mushroom. With many clone-only cultivars, we are pioneers in developing new and exciting genetics, always following strict quality control at every stage of the plant/fungi life cycle.

Medical Psilocybin Research

With plans on participating in the upcoming clinical trials for Psychiatrists, Veterans, and First-Responders, PGOG continues to improve our products while strictly adhering to procedural and environmental protocols. 

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